India’s Integrated Grower Exporter of
Fresh Fruits and vegetables

Cultivating Quality, Harvesting Trust

From Indian Soil to Global Plates

FruitsFresh and Healthy



Vegetables Organic and Nutritious



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Our Brands


Our Story

Magnus Farms is the limited liability partnership firm made by the farmers for the farmers.

We have a team of agronomists, Food Technologist and International Marketing professional who guide the farmers in the entire process. We are progressive as we use latest farming technology in our farms. We are progressive as we contribute to India’s economy by exporting quality products.

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 Our Products

Magnus Farms delivers superior quality fruits and vegetables to customers around the world.

Why To Choose Us 

Our Company is a government recognized export house and member of APEDA.


100% self-owned supply chain allowing quick scalability

Customer Orientation

Exceeding expectations of the most demanding customers


Growing Profitably with care for the environment

Strong Team

Industry excellence driven by the expertise of our outstanding team

 We believe in…

We believe in providing our customers with the best fruits and vegetables available.

All our products are fully certified and grown according to International Standards and Packed in compostable and
renewable packaging materials.

Always Fresh

Our well-studied methods of harvesting, Post-harvest treatments, Cold storage chain and efficient logistics ensures that our fruits/vegetables are picked fresh, shipped fresh, and ready to eat fresh, always.

Global Presence

Even if you are planning to export across multiple continents, we’ve got you covered. Our global presence will allow your products to be exported to various countries.

Transparency & Traceability

We maintain total transparency and traceability in all the processes from farm to fork that is from harvesting, packaging, Logistics and delivery.

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